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CRI Digital offers the best printers, digital copiers, phone systems, and mailing solutions in Columbus, Ohio and its surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on gathering all the information needed to ensure we make the best recommendations for your business. Additionally, we will work with you to fully understand your needs, educate you on available options, and determine the best solution for your company.

World Class Commercial printers, home office printers, mailing solutions, internet services, and phone systems that help your business run smoothly.


From home office to high-volume commercial printing, we have a solution for you! CRI Digital will determine the best printer for your office whether you need Black and White, Color, or High-Volume. We offer top-notch brands like Epson, Samsung, Canon, HP, Lanier, RICOH, SAVIN, Sharp, Kyocera, and RISO. 

Products - Epson Commercial Printers


With a motto of “Exceed Your Vision,” they’ve become a leading manufacturer of printers, scanners, projectors, professional imaging, and more. We love Epson products because they are:

1. High-Quality Printing: Epson printers are known for their high-quality printing capabilities, producing sharp, vibrant colors with excellent clarity and detail.

2. Durability: Epson printers are built to last, with robust construction and long-lasting components that ensure reliable and consistent performance over time.

3. Eco-Friendly: Epson printers are designed with the environment in mind, incorporating energy-efficient technology and recyclable components to reduce their environmental impact.

4. Versatility: Epson printers can handle many paper types and sizes, including glossy, matte, and thick media, making them suitable for various printing applications.

5. Advanced Features: Epson printers often feature advanced technology, such as wireless connectivity, automatic document feeders, and duplex printing, which can help to streamline workflows and increase productivity.


While traditional toner-based technologies use heat to melt the toner onto the page, the output from a RISO Inkjet is always cold, flat, and dry. This makes RISO devices incredibly environmentally friendly, using 90% less energy than toner devices and producing fewer emissions and silica dust. Riso products standout because:

1. High-Speed Printing: Riso printers are known for their high-speed printing capabilities, allowing them to produce large volumes of prints quickly and efficiently.

2. Cost-Effective: Riso printers are cost-effective due to their low ink consumption and long-lasting supplies, which helps to reduce printing costs in the long run.

3. Versatile: Riso printers can handle various paper types and sizes, making them ideal for printing materials, from basic documents to full-color brochures.

4. High-Resolution Printing: Riso printers offer high-resolution printing, producing sharp and clear images with accurate color reproduction, essential for producing high-quality prints.

5. Eco-Friendly: Riso printers are eco-friendly, as they consume less energy and produce less waste than other printing technologies, which makes them an ideal choice for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint.


With a long history of quality and performance, Kyocera products offer the following:

1. High-Resolution Printing: Kyocera printers offer high-resolution printing capabilities, producing sharp, detailed prints with accurate color reproduction.

2. Long-Life Components: Kyocera printers feature long-life components, such as ceramic drums and developer units, which can last hundreds of thousands of pages, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

3. Low Total Cost of Ownership: Kyocera printers have a low total cost of ownership due to their low energy consumption, long-lasting components, and high-capacity toners, which help to reduce printing costs over time.

4. Sustainability: Kyocera printers are designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating features such as energy-saving technology, low-waste toner, and recyclable components to reduce their environmental impact.

5. Security: Kyocera printers feature robust security measures to protect against data breaches and unauthorized access, including secure printing, user authentication, and encryption of data in transit.

We offer new and refurbished printers!

Looking for a quick, short-term solution? We have many refurbished equipment in stock, so please contact or call us for immediate assistance. If you are still determining which office printer or digital copier is right for you, we will start from ground zero and walk you through it.

Mailing Solutions

CRI Digital can help make your mailing easier, quicker, and more efficient. Save time with invoices, statements, notices, and newsletters. With our mailing solutions, you will save time and be able to focus on your customers and your business.

Let Pitney Bowes shipping products and software solutions help you find and retain customers with engaging communications, streamline invoicing, and faster invoicing and payment processing. You can also save with postal discounts.

Products - Pitney Bowes Mailing Solutions

Phone Systems

To be efficient, your team needs to communicate; the right phone system can give your people the tools they need. Ensure your workers can receive and send calls easily in the office or offsite. NEC Phone Systems provide the latest business features for the absolute best value.

Featured Printer Products

Epson WorkForce Enterprise

With a compact design, this more sustainable MFP offers the perfect solution for all your business printing needs.

SendPro MailCenter

Increase productivity and savings with a reliable high-tech office mail system.

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