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From home office to high-volume commercial printing, CRI Digital has the solution for your business printing needs! We will determine the best printer for your office whether you need Black and White, Color, or High-Volume. We offer top-notch brands like Epson, Samsung, Canon, HP, Lanier, RICOH, SAVIN, Sharp, Kyocera, and RISO. 

Versatility and High-Quailty

While color printers are often preferred for their versatility and high-quality printing capabilities, having a commercial black-and-white printer in your office can be just as important. Here are two reasons why it’s essential to have a commercial black-and-white printer in your office:


Firstly, a commercial black-and-white printer can be more cost-effective than a color printer, especially when it comes to printing high volumes of text-based documents. This is because black-and-white printers use less ink and toner than color printers, which helps to reduce printing costs in the long run. Additionally, black and white printers often have a faster printing speed than color printers, which can help to improve efficiency and productivity in the office.

Secondly, a commercial black and white printer can be more reliable than a color printer. While color printers are primarily for printing high-quality images and graphics, they are more prone to mechanical issues and require more frequent maintenance than black-and-white printers. On the other hand, black-and-white printers are typically more robust and reliable, making them a better choice for businesses that need to produce a high volume of text-based documents regularly. By having a commercial black-and-white printer in your office, you can ensure that your printing needs are quick, reliable, and cost-effectively.

We offer new and refurbished printers!

We also have refurbished equipment for those looking for a quick, short-term solution. We have a wide array of equipment in stock, so please contact or call us for immediate assistance. If you are still determining which office printer or digital copier is right for you, we will start from ground zero and walk you through it.


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