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For over 35 years we’ve been helping organizations of all sizes with office solutions. 

Serving Columbus, Ohio Industries

For over 35 years, CRI Digital has been serving organizations and businesses of all sizes in Columbus, Ohio. We understand the distinct printing challenges faced by various industries and are dedicated to providing customized solutions that address these needs.

Rather than applying generic solutions to every organization in Ohio, we collaborate with vertical markets to achieve their goals through understanding your needs onsite and making customized recommendations for printers, mailing solutions, and more.

Our experienced team has been working with sectors such as accounting, education, government, healthcare, human resources, legal, and manufacturing for over three decades. This extensive experience has made us experts in the technology and products available to keep organizations running smoothly and efficiently.


To showcase our expertise and offer detailed insights into how we can support various vertical markets, we have created dedicated sections below for the industries we serve most frequently.

Select your market below to discover more about how CRI Digital can assist you. Our team is here to serve yours. Contact us for a free evaluation of your printing, mailing, or phone systems. 

Ohio Industries We Serve


Accounting firms remain dependent on printing tons of documents. We know the best hardware for accounting offices and can help your practice be efficient & cost-effective.


The amount of paper documents in a single legal case can be overwhelming! We have solutions and products to help attorneys better run their legal office.


Schools rely on printers and documents, but they often have restricted budgets. At CRI, we can help you make the right decision for your school or college.


Medical offices deal with tons of paper for patient records, prescriptions, and more. Time is the name of the game, and we can help your practice with the necessary office solutions.

Non-profits & churches

Faith-based organizations and non-profits often rely on marketing collateral, brochures, and bulletins. We help you optimize your workflow.


Small and medium businesses everyday rely on printers, mailing solutions, and phone systems. We can recommend the best hardware depending on the stage of your business.

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With over 35 years of experience, we are a service support-based company that provides complete office technology solutions in Columbus, Ohio, and its surrounding areas.  Do you need immediate assistance? Feel free to call us at 614-268-1100 or toll-free at 800-268-6166.

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